The Yattaphone Project

Make your own
mobile phone


Raspberry Pi – 4G Card – Touchscreen – Audio Card


The phone calls interface and the internet connection script

The Privacy I Deserve

A Freedom Manifesto

The External Case

The Scad design file for your 3D printer

“If you have a portable surveillance and tracking device, please turn it off.”

“They have already tracked you in here, they already know you are listening to me; so, there is no need for you to keep it on. And by the way, these portable tracking devices emit signals for tracking purposes even when they are apparently switched off; the only way to stop them is to take out all the batteries. And if they want to listen, they don’t have to do it through your portable surveillance device, I expect recordings will be posted. They can listen to those, and they are even welcome to come and attend. So there is absolutely no reason why your portable tracking and surveillance device has to be on.”

Richard Stallman,  talk at Moscow State University (3 March 2008)

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