This is me. I have been working as a programmer for some years. Then I switched to journalism. I have been working as a journalist for some 15 years now, but I keep an eye on technology, especially on devices and softwares that have a surveillance side effect (more or less everything).

That’s why I started this project. I have had enough with devices that register every movement, call, message and interaction I have with the world. I think that the diffusion of these devices is the single most dangerous threath to our freedom, as it is accidentally coming along with the weakening of democratic institutions and a massive deployment of artificial intelligence. These three things together are allowing the birth of incredibly detailed massive population records. Something not event Stasi ever dreamt of.

Fortunately, we have free software. We can still build alternatives. It’s not too late. We can gain back power over our devices and beat the people that want to control us. Here you can find some resources to protect your privacy. Yattaphone is just another one.

Post Scriptum
Why Yattaman? It’s a cartoon (“Yattaman” is a translation, the original name is Yatterman) that I loved when I was a child, all robots and humor. That’s all.