To do list

There’s a number of things needed to transform our Yattaphone – as it is now – into a real substitute of a mobile phone. Here are some:

  • Join the phone audio: at the moment, the audio in/out of the 4G card is on one jack, while the audio in/out of the Raspberry is on another jack. We need to join the two, so that the user can hear the phone calls and the mp3 playback on the same earphone.
  • Reduce the size of the phone: it is far too big. We need to find solutions to reduces its thickness.
  • Complete the calls interface:
    • we need an interface to send and read SMSs
    • we need to split the call and the incoming calls managements: currently the phone rings only when the calls interface is open
    • we need to graphically improve the interface
  • Change the graphical interface of the the system. Presently we use the pre-installed LXDE. It is not a adequate to the touchscreen day by day use. We need to find something else. Gnome? Phosh? Plasma?
  • Change the virtual keyboard. Currently, we use Florence. It’s not bad, but it cannot be enlarged enough.
  • Design a new case: it needs some air slot and a closing mechanism.

If you have suggestions and/or want to contribute to the project, join us.

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